Tuesday. 5/27. The Beginning.


eddieimg_28031As I stepped out of my house this morning, locking the door for the last time in five weeks, I thought, “What the hell am I doing?” This is the most ambitious trip I’ve taken since 1989, when I went to Cameroun to shoot footage for “Return to Cameroun,” my documentary about my missionary grandparents.

My friend Simin Marefat, a UCSF nurse, inspired me. She spends several weekseach year as a health-care volunteer in an underprivileged country. Could be Africa, Asia, Central America. Simin told me about Orphans of Rwanda, an organization that raises scholarship funds for Rwandese orphans to go to college, and how she helped establish their health clinic. Her story lit a fire in me, so I’ve made plans to spend three weeks in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

Getting there is complicated and expensive. My first stop is Nairobi, followed by a seven-day safari trek in Tanzania, then Rwanda.

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  1. Great job, Edward!

    It left me wanting to learn more at every page, and wanting to experience the trip myself. I would especially love to learn more details about the great photos!

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