Saturday, 6/7. Kilimanjaro.


E.G. with Mt. Kilimanjaro in background.

A long, three-hour walk through Maasai land this morning. Good to exercise after days of sitting on our butts in a rattling jeep. After lunch, Tanya and I are shuttled to the Kia Lodge near Kilimanjaro Airport. Our driver is a tall, thin Tanzanian named Abduli. His brother, Nas, is married to Donna Duggan, the Australian tour operator. Donna came here on vacation years ago, fell in love, learned Swahili and stayed on.

Kia Lodge feels like a reward after a week of roughing it. Hot showers, a large bed to myself, clean sheets. I dine with Tanya in an open-air restaurant, facing the snowy peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro at sunset. The waiter, like so many Tanzanians, is friendly and shy and radiant. The food and wine are great. I’m more of a tenderfoot than I realized.


Abduli. His brother Nas is married to Donna Duggan, Maasai Wanderings’ tour operator.Seeing wild game in their own habitat is completely different from going to a zoo where animals are captive – bored, displaced, made crazy by confinement. In the wild there’s a grace and beauty, an integrity stolen from zoo animals. It’s a privilege to see them in their natural world. Previous | Photo CreditsTwo Maasai men with E.G., Tanya, Kelly, Adam and Chris.

  3 Responses to “Saturday, 6/7. Kilimanjaro.”

  1. Wow! What a beautiful way to start the day. Wonderful photos and great stories. Thank you for making Africa come alive again since the Cameroon adventure quest.

  2. Edward, Your photos are wonderful. They are vivid and give a beautiful view of your trip, without the Tse Tse flies! Debbie

  3. What a beautiful trip! I can’t wait to see the Rwanda chapter… thanks for the inspiration!

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